Chale! Akwaaba, once again, you are invited! Today we wanted to douse you with a dose of, get up and get it done, with our first side-note. A series of posts that seek to provoke deep thought, inform, and in some way, motivate.

This one is especially for the creatives. You know that feeling you get when the ideas are few and far between? When you just can’t find that illusive thing they call “flow? ” When you feel like this, you might be tempted to just stop creating, stop designing, stop writing, stop painting, stop drawing.

Whatever your passion is, whatever your creative juice is, just don’t. Keep it going, keep moving, create daily. Don’t wait for inspiration, just create. Inspiration doesn’t always come, it doesn’t always arrive at your doorstep beautifully dressed, ready for you to invite her in.

Sometimes you just have to get to work. In Africa, we live life creatively, and like our founder said, “we hustle, we find creative ways to survive”. So, find creative ways to just create, doesn’t matter if you don’t feel that bolt of lightening feeling of sweet inspiration. Just step into the river, and join it’s flow, just do something.

You might be scrolling through this post searching for some form of inspiration, something like a steaming cup of coffee in the form of captivating words, just something to wake you up. Make you think, get you working, push you forward. Well, maybe this just might remind you to do something today. Pick up a paintbrush, dust off your camera, design a new pattern, write something spine tingling.

In Africa we are blessed with raw unadulterated talent, but we have to continue to do the work in order to gain the recognition. Just do the work.

Go to work! Go to work in the morn of a new creation…until you have reached the height of self-progress, and from that pinnacle bestow upon the world of a civilization of your own -Marcus Garvey-

At Chale, we seek to produce art for the feet, we seek to produce art full stop. We create for you, we create for us, we create for Africa, we create because we believe that art is important. If you are reading this, you believe that art is important too. This is just a quick side-note for all the creators out there… don’t wait, create.

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Come back next week, our door is open. You are invited!

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