From a mere thought to a burning passion and desire, to sleepless nights and learning new ways; from an epiphany to reality. Chale is the product of a dream, it was born out of a decision to change the status quo. The question that is often posed is, “why socks?” We say, why not?


Chale Socks is a true example of what can materialise if you really believe. We encourage you to sit down and contemplate your life, study your talents, and ask yourself the question. “Am I doing everything I can to take my idea from thought to reality?” Does your hustle match your talk? We challenge you to start today.

Perfection is not the goal here, action is. Take action and things will begin to shift if you let them.

      “You learn how to cut down trees by cutting them down” – Bateke people


Cut down your trees now, jump into an unknown lake and swim. Chale! If we sat back and waited for perfection before we took action, Chale would still be an idea, a thought, a dream. We implore you to pick up your cutlas and start cultivating.  The moment will pass ever so swiftly and years will fly by so rapidly, and dreams will still be dreams.

In Africa, the talent is raw, untamed, bold but we have to put every effort into taking those initial steps to build something rather than waiting for the perfect time. Yes, financial restrictions and the environment do play a part but, where there is passion, there is a way, and by taking the steps, you will find it.

Chale! Let’s march forward, let’s fly!


“In Africa, we live life creatively, let’s take that creative talent and make Africa great. We have what it takes, let’s push forward and shine.” Kurtis Kudjo- Chale Socks


Browse through the Chale shop here>>> Chale Shop. Woezor! (Welcome in the Ewe language)

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