Chale! We have some big news! We crept away for a while, just a while, but we have arrived back on the scene with grand style, with just a splash of colour, and some Chale freshness. We have a treat for you! 3, new limited edition styles for you to slip your feet into. Let’s give you a quick rundown:


First up, we have the ultra stylish, “Royalty.” We were inspired by the Kingly Adinkra symbol “Ohena Adwa” for these. We wanted to create something stylish, with a regal touch. Now here we have our vibrant, Royalty socks. We hope you will appreciate them, and love them as much as we do.

dynamic twist socks
    Dynamic Twist

Second up, we have “Dynamic Twist.” We conjured these up using the Adinkra symbol Nkyinkyim (initiative, dynamism and versatility) as our cue. We we were eager to give you a pair of socks that would subtly provide you with that edgy style, whilst still staying true to the original symbol.

Melanin sock

Finally, we present “Melanin.” We tapped into our inner power for these ones, and we put together this quirky, yet powerful, artistic design. We gave birth to, Melanin.

Slip your feet into our fresh new styles >here< These are limited edition, only 50 pairs of each style have been produced. So, if you want to be one of only 50 people in the world to rock each style, then Click! Grab a pair!

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