Who we are

We are a dynamic, African (Ghanaian), forward thinking creatives. We are inspired to elevate our culture through creating distinctive, vibrant African inspired socks.(everyday accessories). Artistically designed, using African cultural symbolism and motifs. Primarily focusing on Adinkra symbols, beautifully cultivated patterns, and carefully selected colours.

Our Inspiration

Creativity surges through our veins, as our founder grew up in the Kente weaving town of Agotime-Kpetoe. He frequently observed expert craftsmen producing beautiful yards of Kente cloth. Quickly he learned to appreciate African art and craftsmanship. Absorbed into the cultural symbolism, the patterns, the colours, and the ever so thoughtful design process. This is where the story began, the story continues with Chale Socks.

Why Chale Socks?

Chale Socks are not only made with the finest quality materials. They are also meticulously designed to produce socks that can be described as exceptional works of art.