Chale! Once again, you are invited! Welcome to the blog. Today, we give you the chance to delve deep into the minds of our friends/creative visual partners, LetsMakeADifference. Originally posted on quirky online magazine, Unorthodox Reviews. This candid interview presents a snapshot of the creative geniuses that are, LetsMakeADifference.

Let’s Go! Dive in…

  1. How would you describe LetsMakeADifference?

LetsMakeADifference is a dynamic duo made up of two friends, Patrick Paka and Nana Kwesi. We’re a creative, and lifestyle brand possessing a distinct, and original concept of men’s street fashion and lifestyle in Ghana. We combine genius creative ideas to showcase style, and art in a different dimension.

  1. What is the motivational factor behind your fashion sense?

There are so many factors behind our sense of style, but the major key (laughs) is, our heritage. We mean heritage, in terms of ideas, customs, social behaviour and basically the society as a whole.

  1. What key element do you focus on when putting outfits together?

We keep an eye out for detail. We make sure we pick the right accessories for the right outfit, and we take into consideration colour and texture of the outfit; to make sure it doesn’t have an “off” vibe. In our line of work, you definitely do not want to put people off with your choice, or “idea” of fashion whilst still trying to be original and creative.

  1. Let us know more about your modelling and photography. What inspired it and what’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced yet?

Wow! (Smiles) This is an interesting question. We would first like to make a clarification. People identify us as models, which we are not. You always find us in front of the camera because we want to fill our visuals with the right emotions and expressions. We don’t just take photos, we tell stories, from personal ones to those we’ve witnessed. Our source of inspiration has always been our encounter with people, the environment, and situations we find ourselves in. With that out of the way, it wouldn’t surprise you to know we’ve faced many challenges, without them we wouldn’t know what progress feels like. But like everyone trying to make something of themselves, striving for the ultimate goal, success, we always find ways to overcome them. Just to mention a few, money in terms of creating high budgeted visuals, equipment for high quality, and standard visuals, to meet the taste of art lovers, and exceed expectations.

  1. Do you model for other photographers?

As of yet, we haven’t, but any photographer embarking on a project who would want us to be a part of it, is gladly welcome.

6. You are visual creatives, you say. What inspires your concepts?

Well, a lot of factors come into play when it comes to concepts. Our life experiences is definitely top of the list, research (internet, books, etc.) and travelling. We also pick cues from people’s mistakes. So basically it’s everything we come into contact with.

7. What has been the biggest difference in your life pre-modelling and Photography?

Well, that would be progress, pertaining to our art, basically. We’re yet to see a  difference (laughs).

  1. Who are some of the people/brands you’ve worked with, what’s your biggest gig yet, and how have you been affected by your involvement with these persons/brands?

All praise to the Most high, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some well-known brands like Motherlandkrooks(New York)which is a men’s apparel brand,Sibahle Africa(South Africa)a feminine magazine, and Chale Socks(Ghana)a luxury socks brand among others. We’ve always believed in establishing a good relationship first before we work. We’ve had smooth operations with these brands, with the exception of instances where we’ve been given limited time to create in spite of the expected quality of service. Which of course is a challenge that has helped our work ethic and creative process. About our biggest gig, the Journey is just beginning.

9. Looking back, what are some of your biggest regrets and what are some of the unforgettable delights?

As young creatives on a journey, we sometimes fail to realize that the path isn’t always smooth, there’ll be rough patches and ill-minded, and petty people who take what you do for granted. We’ve encountered some of these along the way. Some of our biggest regrets is, working without establishing written contracts, and not establishing relationships before accepting to work, something we have learnt a lot from. Our biggest delight is having the opportunity to work, and collaborate with brands across the world.

10. Lastly, where do you see yourself in the next say… 5 years?

Like all competitors, eyes are always set on the prize. For us, the next 5 and more years would see us doing what we do and more.

Compiled by Jephthah Osei – Mensah

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